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Whether you are in the planning phase of building a communications network or ready to begin construction and engineering, Utilis can assist. For companies just getting started, Utilis begins the process with a feasibility study to ensure the network will be viable and profitable. During this process, companies learn the budget of their project, the best route for their network and the projected probability of their build. Once that study is complete, Utilis transitions into the project management and network construction phase. This includes all of the engineering and design of the build, hiring of contractors and more. Our staff has experience working with small CLECs, large incumbents and cooperatives with multi-million dollar RUS/USDA funding. The bottom line in any Utilis project is getting network services ready to sell to the customer. It’s all about speed to market.

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Utilis Engineering’s advanced services provide companies and providers with unique information when searching for areas to serve wirelessly. Through Utilis Engineering’s approach to data collection and advanced software capabilities, companies are provided terrain and surface models, which in turn enables them to understand vertical clearances and if their wireless project is feasible. These services extend beyond the macro towers to also include small cell node locations and the fiber infrastructure needed for backhaul. UTILIS has extensive experience working with carriers and backhaul providers in all phases of network deployment. From feasibility and planning to node engineering and permitting to complete end to end project management Utilis Engineering has you covered.

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Utilis Engineering specializes in the analysis and design of telecommunications structures. Our licensed, industry-experienced staff includes project/program managers, engineers, CAD operators, and construction managers. Utilis draws on these knowledgeable in-house resources to offer our customers complete, end-to-end, wireless site development services. So whether you’re looking for structural analysis, tower modifications, complete construction management services, tower inspections (both pre and post modification) or a complete 3D modeling of your site accurate to millimeters, Utilis has you covered. Utilis is now certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to offer inspection services via UAV (drone) utilizing 4K video and HD photography.


Broadband Solutions

  • Feasibility Studies and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • 3D LiDAR Point Clouds with +/- 2cm positional accuracy
  • Digital Imagery (Real time “Google street view”)
  • Project and Program Management
  • Network Architecture Design
  • Route Alignment Design
  • Site Design
  • 2D/3D Planimetric Base Maps in any CAD Format
  • Pole Audits
  • Attachment Height Reporting
  • Structural Analysis
  • Right of Way Solutions
  • Permitting
  • Complete Aerial, Buried and Underground Engineering
  • Network Architecture Engineering
  • Clearance Reports
  • Joint-Use Reporting
  • Asset Inventory
  • Construction Management and Inspection
  • Network Installation and Testing
  • Digital As-Built Documentation

Wireless / Structural Solutions

  • Radio Frequency Feasibility Studies
  • Digital Terrain and Surface Models
  • Vertical Clearance Reports
  • Radio Frequency Engineering
  • Small Cell Node Engineering
  • Fiber infrastructure for Small Cell backhaul deisgn
  • Project and Program Management
  • Conformance and Compliance Testing
  • Telecommunications structure site designs
  • All required drawings – zoning, construction, and “as-built”
  • Structural analysis
  • Tower reinforcement design
  • Retrofit Modifications to Existing Towers
  • Third Party Review and Consulting for Modification Efficiency and Constructability
  • LiDAR Enforced To Scale Compound Drawings
  • Natural Disaster damage inspections via UAV (Drone) with 4K Video and HD still imagery
  • Pre-Modification Fit Up Verification
  • Post-Modification Verification with or without UAV (drone) Capabilities
  • Carrier EPA Calculation / Carrier Lease Verification Report