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By utilizing the latest technology, decades of experience and proven methodology, UTILIS brings the real world to your desktop, allowing you to make financial commitments with 100 percent confidence. Whether your next project is funded privately, publicly or through a private-public partnership, UTILIS can assist.

  • Area Planning
  • Route Planning
  • Existing Plant Identification and Analysis
  • Joint Use / Pole Attachment Investigation
  • Right-of-Way Investigation
  • Market Penetration Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Scheduling
  • Standards, Processes and Procedures Creation
  • Stakeholders Reporting
  • Vendor Management and Material Selection

Electrical / Power / Utilities

For utility businesses of all types, UTILIS minimizes the time, cost and risk associated with infrastructure planning, asset management and vegetation monitoring. Information-rich 3D models allow engineers to bring the field to the desktop to quickly and accurately evaluate best paths for utility corridors, map utility placement and right-of-ways, survey transmission lines for clearance issues, assess current assets and more.

  • Precision Corridor Management Services
  • Vegetation Clearance Reports
  • Asset Defect Reports
  • Near Survey Grade Accuracy Mapping